Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Download

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (2016)

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Album Download Link is now available!

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Download


  1. Moonlight
  2. Dangerous Woman
  3. Be Alright
  4. Into You
  5. Side To Side feat. Nicki Minaj
  6. Let Me Love You feat. Lil Wayne
  7. Greedy
  8. Leave Me Lonely feat. Macy Gray
  9. Everyday feat. Future
  10. Sometimes
  11. I Don’t Care (Deluxe Edition) [Bonus Track]
  12. Bad Decisions
  13. Touch It (Deluxe Edition) [Bonus Track]
  14. Knew Better / Forever Boy (Deluxe Edition) [Bonus Track]
  15. Thinkin Bout You
  16. Step On Up (Japanese Standard Edition) [Bonus Track]
  17. Jason’s Song (Gave It Away) (Japanese Standard Edition) [Bonus Track]
  18. Focus (Japanese Standard Edition) [Bonus Track]

The new Ariana Grande music album “Dangerous Woman” is a masterpiece

Forget the pop noventero under the urban label which Ariana boasted in Problem. Don’t look for the electro-pop that as well ran him to Break Free. Ariana large has dear pass to the next level with Dangerous Woman, third album of study and successor original of My Everything, that deepens in the RnB urban, but that also flirts with others sounds as the doo wop, without forget the DNA pop that it led to the singer to the top.

In LOS40 have heard carefully the 15 parts that make up the new work record of the superstar of the pop and have believed suitable analyze each an of the songs. Here you leave with our TRACK BY TRACK of Dangerous Woman, disc that catalog from already as the jewel of the Crown of his discography.

Notice to Mariners. The issue with which starts Dangerous Woman not represents for anything Dangerous Woman. The song is inspired by the sound of the 1950s and makes use of a few violins for the classic and refined touch. Careful yet simple piece does not say anything, but that also hurts the coherence of the disk.

Letter of the third work of Ariana and song which gives name. Sensuality take force in a subject with claw that would fit perfectly in any soundtrack trilogy fifty shades of Grey. Single promotional enduring type after almost lustful loading of Dangerous Woman. A subtle and stylish drinking song the more pop RnB with the best of the sound of the 90’s.

Synthesizers, pop that mark the rhythm and the soft voice of Ariana pave the way for a chorus that explodes and you drag it to the best song. Without a doubt, one of the best songs of the Dangerous Woman, despite not having the impact expected in the charts. It smells single since we hear a first snack in Instagram months ago. The third collaboration between the Queen of Rap and Ariana sits in a reggae by Rihanna which does not break the rhythm of the disc despite withdrawing from its essence. That Yes, it is inevitable to not listen to the song on without remembering the base Drag Me Down in One Direction.

Five minutes that should be characterized exclusively for Forever Boy. Nobody Like Me affects a theme that highlights the steady pulse of a careful, although easily forgetful elaboration.

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