Lady Gaga Joanne Album Download

Lady Gaga – Joanne (2016)

Lady Gaga Joanne Album Download Link is Now Available !

Lady Gaga Joanne Album Download


  1. Diamond Heart
  2. A-Yo
  3. Joanne
  4. John Wayne
  5. Dancin’ In Circles
  6. Perfect Illusions
  7. Million Reasons
  8. Sinner’s Prayer
  9. Come to Mama
  10. Hey Girl [ft. Florence Welch]
  11. Angel Down

The new Lady Gaga music album “Joanne” has lots of diversity and complexity

Lady Gaga has more than 63 million fans on social networks, but that was raised with his next album, the fifth study, aims to return to a time in which people connected without the need for technology.

In his new project, the multiganadora of Grammy Awards for 30 years, defends the human connections that often get lost in a world saturated with social networks in which we live today. It does so for his own good and that of fans.

“I’m imagining this girl in the middle of a field crying, with a drink in hand and your child in the other, thinking: ‘ I can’t believe that Lady Gaga understands how I feel”, said Lady Gaga to E! News on your target with Joanne, planned for launch on October 21. “The aim of this album is to find that human connection with the world in a deeper way”.,

“The truth is I don’t want more for me and the others that human connection and love,” he continued. “I just want to be closer to my fans and other people, build a relationship with them through the music, who know that I am your sister, your friend”.

Gaga, who came to international fame when he was 22 years old, this desire for human connection grew out of his own isolation as a rising star. “When your career change as mine did… it can be hard to go to a bar and have a normal conversation with someone, I look just like a normal girl, a normal person”, he said to E! News.

In a traditional tale of life imitating art, the singer of Perfect Illusion could find connections was looking for with the recording of Joanne. “I ended up making me very friend to all the musicians that I worked making the disc, they reminded me that I could still have something”, recalled. “The disk was made because I could connect with them and make music that will help me to do the same with others”.

A connection in particular inspired the album, which she shares with her aunt, sister of his father, Joanne Stefani Germanotta. Joanne died of lupus at the age of 19, 12 until the singer was born. Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne, invested his aunt name, one of the ways that Gaga says that they are connected forever despite having not known.

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