OneRepublic Oh My My Album Download

OneRepublic – Oh My My (2016)

OneRepublic Oh My My Album Download Link is Now Available !

OneRepublic Oh My My Album Download


  1. Let’s Hurt Tonight
  2. Future Looks Good
  3. Oh My My (feat. Cassius)
  4. Kids
  5. Dream
  6. Choke
  7. A.I. (feat. Peter Gabriel)
  8. Better
  9. Born
  10. Fingertips
  11. Human
  12. Lift Me Up
  13. NbHD (feat. Santigold)
  14. Wherever I Go
  15. All These Things
  16. Heaven

OneRepublic is back with a new fantastic music album called “Oh My My” due to be released this month

OneRepublic will be published the next Friday, 7 of October, his new album, ‘ Oh My My’. It is the fourth album of the Group commanded by Ryan Tedder, who was busy writing hits (or that intended) to Adele, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift or U2, among many others. The release of this new album began last summer, presenting advances as the single ‘Kids’ or the buzz-single ‘Wherever I Go’, which curiously seems to have caused more impact than the first. The surprise comes now with a new advancement which is titled ‘A.I.’ (an acronym for artificial intelligence) and has a special guest: none other than Peter Gabriel, an artist who is not too precisely lavished on this type of collaboration. It certain is that, not know if thanks to the presence of the ex-Genesis, but the result is pretty cool.

It’s Peter Gabriel not is the unique collaboration of popularity that will come contained in ‘ Oh My My’. The owner cut has the participation of Cassius, returning the favor to Tedder, who sang a couple of songs in the recent ‘Ibifornia’. It also contains a song entitled ‘NBhD’ with featuring Santigold, and another issue is composed of one such Romy Madley (Croft?), that we are playing us a cola drink that is The Romy xx.

Peter Gabriel not publishes an album of Studio with songs unpublished from the year 2002, when saw the light ‘ Up’ (‘New Blood’, of 2011, were re-recordings of old themes along with an orchestra). Know that takes working in a new album from 2005, but that is is taking the time that precise to finish it (not makes missing that it jure), turning it in one of those returns that seem to not arrive never.

‘A.I.’, however, is not the first song that we can hear the voice of Gabriel this year. After completing a tour with Sting for North America, a few months ago introduced a song called ‘I’m Amazing’ which was inspired by the life and struggles of Muhammad Ali, so published it days after the legendary Boxer dies. It was his first unreleased from 2013. And, just makes ones days, also presented another theme new entitled ‘ The Veil’ and that is content in the BSO of the new film of Oliver Stone, ‘ SNOWDEN’, dedicated to the figure of the ex-empleado of the CIA pursued by them authorities of USA. After years of silence, all these movements of the artist British not can casual: will be near the anticipated return of Peter Gabriel?

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