Opeth The Sorcerss Album Download

Opeth – The Sorceress (2016)

Opeth The Sorceress Album Download Link is now available!

Opeth The Sorcerss Album Download


  1. “Persephone”
  2. “Sorceress”
  3. “The Wilde Flowers”
  4. “Will o the Wisp”
  5. “Chrysalis”
  6. “Sorceress 2″
  7. “The Seventh Sojourn”
  8. “Strange Brew”
  9. “A Fleeting Glance”
  10. “Era”
  11. “Persephone (Slight Return)”

All you need to know about Opeth’s latest album called “The Sorceress”

Opeth just released a third preview of his new album: “The Wilde Flowers”. We have a piece that we will be wrapping and gradually beating until after the three minutes and a half times that of Mikael Åkerfeldt decide to liberate us for a few minutes, but no one do not trust because during its last thirty seconds about it will sweep us a real Sonic maelstrom from which you can not escape.

Their twelfth album “Sorceress”, continuation of “Pale Communion” (2014), is published the next Friday 30 of September through Nuclear Blast, and with this already are three them themes that have advance them Swedish (previously had known “Will or The Wisp” and the track namesake).

The Swedish progressive metal band Opeth released their twelfth album of study, Sorceress, September 30 through Moderbolaget Records / Nuclear Blast. The album was recorded in 12 days in the Rockfield Studios in Wales where they left their mark bands of the likes of Queen, Rush, or Judas Priest. Opeth recorded there already Pale Communion in 2014.

Mikael Åkerfeldt ahead of all the keys in Sorceress: “‘Sorceress’ is our twelfth album since our inception in 1990. I find it difficult to understand that we have endured 26 years and more that we have created 12 discs, of which I am proud. And ‘Sorceress’ is no exception. I love this album, like the rest of the band. I wrote music for five or six months and we spent only 12 days recorded at the Rockfield Studios in Wales. I believe that once again we have taken a step forward or sideways or backward. Is different! Is extremely diverse. And if I may say so, extremely good. I feel that I have the right to say this because I think I know this band better than anyone in the world. In addition, also with it disconnected me and listen to it as a fan. Is my disco favorite of our discography, of course. Is fresh and old at the same time, progressive and retouched, heavy and soft. Just as I like. I hope that more people around the globe who share my opinion there are.”

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